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*PANTING PANTING* I feel as if i have just completed 20 cycles of a football field when actually I have been spending my time sleeping!! I guess I run & pant in my dream~ But seriously I am quite busy and I am not in the mood of writing a blog. Brooding in the phone (while ummi patheticly listens) is very much easier haha. Anyway Alhamdulillah I got a new bro-in-law whom I intend to call Abang Apidzzsss (make sure to pronounce it with spraying saliva haha). it has been a week since kakak's wedding. But to my utmost disappointment, I was honoured to be the driver of the day (on that specific should-be-my-special-day, when i became the bride's sister!!) and I missed out the event actually. Sad sad sad.. But anyway I'm busy with a sewing project right now, which I am not going to blurt out what-is-it, but in a short while I am going to tell haha. A big mouth like mine isn't easy to be shut up =P

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kakchik said...

Salam dear Maryam.

I kind of miss your visit to KakChik's Wardrobe although I keep thinking that you must be busy with lots of things.
Anyway, congratulations for having a new BIL. Next time it'll be your turn right?
Sewing project must be interesting. I can see from your other blog that you like sewing and decorating. Good for you sis. It is a really good activity that I miss a lot.