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Whoaaa it took me such a long time to post a new entry. It's the dark mood huu. Few updates on my upcoming wedding :) Have I told you that I have bought the wedding veil? Hmm it is a piece of white net material, with pink flowers sewn on it (sulam) I hope it suits my gown. The pink flowers are a bit more pinkier than my gown though and the white veil is a bit whiter than my gown.. but never mind.  The veil is still with Kak Shahmah.

By the way, let me introduce K. Shahmah :p A tailor living in IM8, a very jovial and happy lady and I extremely enjoy the visits to her house. She sews my veil for me, and she is very keen in doing it that she offered to do it for free! 
She does a lot of work on the veil, hemming it and such fine finishings, and I can't wait for the veil to be ready!!

As for the card, I designed everything myself (I am such a D-I-Y person!!!) and I showed it to Athiq. He LOVES the card, and I feel relieved.. When I asked him to guess the colour of the card, he answered PINK. I told him that he was wrong, and he was so surprised that colours other than pink do exist in my world haha. He was quite right actually hehe because my card was creamy white with pink flowers. That's the english version huhuu. The malay version is in black. 

Ummi and Abah examined the design and they did not object. I guess they are satisfied. But Ummi asked me why do I have to make the English version. I said because I wanted to.. I want the english card (it's not the language, but it is the design and style) but i can't forget about the malay version (and i have to keep reminding myself that I am breathing the air of Malaysia :p) Asma' was so fond of the design that she told me to keep the editable one until her marriage and she just want to change the details haha. But I told her to make other design, It is copyright!

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