Exam tomorrow insyaAllah

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. My examination will take place tomorrow and wednesday. Huu i just can't wait to go home.

Dapat gingivitis due to gigi bongsu yang taknak keluar habis and predisposes to bacterial infection. Took ponstan for 3 days (self-medicated hua3), but then developed right cervical lymphadenopathy (tapi sakit so lymphadenitis ke? whoaa it is very painful!)  on the 4th day, decided to go to the clinic for the sole reason of getting my hands on antibiotic (because suddenly paranoid terbayang2 Infective endocarditis n rheumatic heart disease pulak because i have sore throat as well. was also 'silly'ly asking myself "Is this stiff neck?" whena ctually I had neck pain due to the big lymph node hoho), and dapat fever..

Was prescribed antibiotic for 5 days course, now on the 3rd day. Still have fever, and it further depresses my mood to study. Luckily hana pushed me (she even pushed me to go to the hospital!! hehe. thanks :D ) but i was like a 9-month pregnant lady, needing a chair all the time in the ward huhu. Had nausea and vomited kat JHC some more huuu La ba'sa thohurun insyaAllah :) 

Seriously I want to go back right now..

And currently in a severe dilemma whether to buy a house or not.. I am planning to be an outsider (pergi membawa diri jauh dari UIA????? huuu) 

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zAituL aZrA said...

maryam..jetul dpt gingivitis gk.. br pegi clinic smlm..die bg amoxycycline, vitamin B, PCM n ubat xnak dh mkn amoxy tu, hbs urine jd kuning pekat..depends pd ubat kumur je skrg ni..x fhm, knape bg PCM?? painkiller? xnak la abuse..huhu
tktnye esk exam..da mle palpitation dh..