Notes are on the way (or are they?)

What do we do in Public Health?

1. Field visit to BAKAS (Bekalan Air dan Kebersihan Alam Sekitar)
-Jungle trekking in search of a GFS: a system of water collection and supply to the poor

A well- another projek of BAKAS

Inspecting latrines (program tandas sempurna/ tandas curah)

2. Factory Visit to a chemical factory- Kaneka

3. Attachment with Vector-borne Disease Control Unit
-Learning on vector-borne diseases
-Identifying vectors (Aedes esp n other species of mosquitoes)
These are the Aedes sp larvaes

ULV machine mounted on a pick-up truck for Dengue fogging

4. Visit to KMAM (Kawalan Mutu Air Minuman)
A section in the water treatment plant

5. Attachment with school health unit
-Physical examinations for school children
-Giving immunization

The anxious standard 1 students hehe

The setting- in the school meeting room
Vaccinating a student with MMR

Giving oral polio vaccine (OPV)
Of course we have some other attachments, but I don't have the pics. And some of them are just briefings
-Communicable Disease Centre
-Health Enforcement Unit
-Food Quality Control Unit (expecting a field visit)
-field visit to Seaport (Tomorrow insyaAllah )

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