6 days and counting

6 days without Abang, and I think I'm adapting within an OK range :) Abang? He's busy in Surgery ward and won't even have time to think of his left-behind wife (though I am perfectly sure that's not true hehe because he never fails to make a daily complain to his wife of the long hours standing in the ward) Abang, that's life.. (in a pasrah tone). Exams (Abang's and mine) are approaching fast and the usual case, I get dementia- failing to recall what have I done the whole posting. Of course I remember the fun that I had when Abang was around but medical-wise? urrr~I'll try my best to recall. The only thing that I still retain in my memory is, I was doing my 4th week of Family Medicine posting when Abang arrived home, and NOW I'm about to finish my Public Health posting- specifically speaking I'm in the second last week!!

Maybe I shouldn't waste too much of the scanty time that I have before the exam and start studying. An opposing rationale- Forensic posting will cruelly grab my coming holiday, which I'm sure will leave me with nothing else other than enthusiasm for dead bodies (yela sangat) before I deal with bones in Ortho. Or maybe I should stop dreading too much for the absence of holiday. Well, this article is just a brief intervention to release the depression which I gain after sitting for almost 4 hours in the library for I am sure the chairs and tables were built to not fulfill ergonomic criterias... my biceps and triceps are screaming for some relaxation huuu

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