Good Luck! May Allah give you the best :)

It's hard to abstain oneself (masking the word 'myself) from blogging when he/she is sitting in front of a computer for more than 12 hrs/ day and connected to the internet. My case definition. I imagine it is something like:

Sitting in front of a gadget which functions similar to a computer more than 60 minutes

plus 2 of the followings:

i. Owning a free-of-charge blog

ii. Internet connection is working (even if it is extremely bad that you spend more time trying to reconnect rather than enjoying the connection)

iii. A head full of junky ideas

iv. Adequate amount of laziness enough to stop continue focusing

v. born with the ability to ramble and grumble

vi. .....

I am more than sure I fulfill the case definition and definitely I don't fail to notify my hubby of the epidemic that is about to happen- the number of posts is absolutely above the expected normal values!

Exacerbated by the endless stuff to be read and the notes that need to be done, I am bestowed with no other choice other than taking a brief break here every now and then. The hot issue is, do we really need to have classes on Saturday and preventing the students from returning to their home sweet home? Another hot issue is, an open-discussion is an opportunity. So why let it go unentertained?

Good Luck to the first years who are going to sit for their exam next week!

Good luck to the third years who are going to sit for their exam the week after that!

Good luck to the fourth years who are going to sit for their exam the subsequent week!

May Allah give us the best! And the best doesn't always mean a pass :)

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'atiqah said...

all the best =) moga dipermudahkan.ameen