An event of rarity

I'm about to enter the 3rd week without Abang (I wonder why do I have to keep counting and mention it here huu)

We went to PKD (Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah) Kuantan yesterday, as we had an attachment with KPAS (Keselamatan Pekerjaan dan Alam Sekitar) unit- the 5 of us which includes Wani, Najwa, Hafiz, Faizul and me.

As usual we went with Hafiz's car- a blue Proton Wira yg banyak sangat berjasa membawa kitorng ke attachment2 lain huu. The day turned out to be eventful when we were on our way back, the engine suddenly stopped running. It was nearly noon, and we were on a busy road in Kuantan town, and the third in the line before a traffic light, at a big junction. Undoubtedly tachycardia started to take place when after few attempts of turning the ignition key, the engine refused to give cooperation. I was in the first place hoping that there was nothing wrong other than an imbalance between the pressure on the clutch and gas pedal (as it is a manual car). Truth slowly seeped in, and we were forced to face reality when the traffic light turns green and the car behind us overtake us one by one. Truthfully we managed to crack jokes~ well I don't remember experiencing such thing before- stuck on a road.

Climax started approaching when Hafiz subtly proposed that the car should be parked on the left side of the road (oh man, we were on the right most, and it is a very big road consisting of 3 lanes!! It was just impossible to push it to the left considering the number of cars around) And worst, I started to wonder, since Hafiz was the only male, then by logic the 3 of us were the ones who should do the pushing!!!

After much discussion, and after the traffic light had turned green for few times, we decided it was time.. And (in major disbelief) instead of pushing it to the left side of the road, we pushed it towards Terminal makmur, crossing the big junction and the traffic light!!! Of course Wani cakap malu should we meet UIA students who could recognize us (hahaha), I was kinda excited and Najwa was busy doing some photography. Hafiz? I think being him, landed in a group of giggly girls, probably we made an excellent stressor for him, and he kept asking us to push harder. Huu what should one expect from 3 ladies pushing a car? Luckily a motorist offered his help.

And the pushing activity took an ugly (but it was just an ugly duckling which later turned into a handsome swan) turn, when we were at the middle of the junction (and wani was busy worrying, asking me what if suddenly the traffic light turned red and we were still there. Jd bahan pameran la haha), a classmate, Fadhil with his white Myvi appeared among the long lines of cars. I think he succeeded in giving an expression of extreme shock :P

Well I can clearly imagine, "Apa la budak2 ni buat, dengan bertudung labuhnya, sorang pakai purdah, tolak kereta tengah2 jalan raya" is enough to make people stare. The prognosis worsens when it is added with "macam kenal je budak2 ni... Laaaaa kawan2 medic aku kat uia!!!!"

When we were parked safely near the bus terminal, we tried to sort out the things that we should do. Of course the most important thing to not be taken lightly was neither of us knew how to check a car engine (I'm not sure about the bros though, but I have a perception that they are not very different from us :p If you spend your time dissecting dead human bodies rather than a car engine, that is to be expected!)

We started to call our parents in search of few useful tips and hints. Everybody was busy with their phone calls and I think I was the only one who called Ummi and excitedly told her the tragedy haha (instead of calling Abah and ask him what to do) and told Abang as well

That was when weird ideas started to surface.....

Najwa proposed the idea that the problem sourced from the car battery. She suggested we use gear 1, start the engine while the others push the car.

Wani said (she quoted from her father) that if the honk is working then the battery is ok. so we tried to honk and it was ok. Then she said (also quoted from her experienced dad) that we should try 'ketuk' the battery, should there be any loose wires. She actually found a decaying piece of wood which she used to smack the battery. The wood started to break aparts (it was decaying!)

Of course I have no idea to offer because I personally don't even know how to open the engine cover huu (I do remember abah once taught me how to check the water, battery and such. But I still send the car to a mechanic just to check for the car battery and water before I make a long distance journey and that cost me RM30! Itulah orang suruh belajar pandai2 tapi malas... lepastu kena tipu pulak tu)

Hafiz's dad asked him to find "a round structure with 3 wires attached to it". Once it is found, shake the structure. God knows what the thing was.. So we tried to find it, no different from playing an 'I spy' game..

Finally Fadhil offered his help: call a mechanic. Haa that finally solved the problem :) It was some loose wires in the starter of the engine...

This was the start: the car engine died on a very busy road

Just after the car-pushing activity

I tried to discuss with wani, but yielded nothing because I really don't know about car..

This was the suspected 'round structure with 3 wires'

Wani's battery smacking activity using a decaying wood

we were left speechless after fail attempts...

Fadhil offering his help... panggil la mekanik :p

Alhamdulillah the mechanic saved the day!

"You, kalau enjin mati try start tp tak mau hidup, jgn cuba start banyak kali. Kalau da mati, memang matila. Tak boleh jalan punya. Nnti starter losak. Kena check benda lain..." erk macam kena perli lak dgn mekanik tu. Yup we tried to start the engine until finally the battery collapsed hehe

And I made a mental not to learn few basic things about car engine huuu. My deepest thank you to those who have helped..

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Qarnikuri said...

lawak giler dengar citer fadil disampaikan oleh zaki..

mule2 fadil ternampak korg, dia bkata dlm hati, "Sian nye family ni.. alim, tapi xde sape nk tolong.... kesiannye..." (dgn slang sabah)

ayah - hapis
mak - tentulah yg berpurdah
anak2 - budak2 kecik tu le..