3rd day of the holiday

Although I prefer to write a long love letter, of flowery words and romantic lines for Athiq, I have succeeded in convincing myself that writing here is worth the effort (as if i have to put any effort in rambling??). My kids in the future probably would want to know how do I progress.

Yup, I did go back on Monday, braving the cats-and-dogs rain, starting the journey home at around 6pm. And thanks to Azi who accompanied me :p things just fell in place, probably mesti Athiq doa byk2 so that I could go home on the very day hehehe

I was being very quiet lately, after self-certifying myself as an unpaid maid in the house (we don't have a paid maid ok :p), but nevertheless, I enjoyed spending my time in the kitchen (of course not by doing nothing) trying out one recipe after another. The latest edition is chocolates with caramel filling.

I'm trying to start a business of chocolates and bakery prodcuts, (now that I'm moving out form the hostel insyaAllah) .. the recipe-trying session is endless!! I have to retire early during the night out of exhaustion, although I miss YM-ing abang huuu (because we usually YM in the wee hours of the morning considering the time difference).

Of course I want to upload the pics, but since I personally feel it is a big sin for me to hold abah's D90 (because I don't know the simplest tactic in photography), I'm pestering Yasir to complete the job of taking the pics haha. But y know when u r depending on someone else, you just have to practise patience.. will write later..

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