It was NOT MY Graduation dinner..

Le Royal Hotel, Amman

In the midst of our moving-out conflicts..
In the cage of abang's hectic final year student's life...
In the web of stress which sprouted from hardship in obtaining iqamah for Faheem and me (Jordan's IC. Phewww abang's pocket was emptied of nearly JD100 for the iqamah and yet nothing is certain for now... :( may we be patient.. Ok, I have more reason to backbite Jordan huuu)
Abang still had time to bring Faheem and me to the graduation dinner for Malaysian students who have just graduated from JUST!!! Yipppeeee. Alhamdulillah. Man, I was excited and happy! It was held in Le Royal Hotel, a luxurious 5-star hotel in the centre of Amman, and the fact that we paid NOT A CENT for the treat of the night was excellent T_T. Well the Malaysian embassy in Jordan is loaded I guess and they just don't know how else to spend their money haha.

I didn't make it to my own graduation dinner thus the over excitement I guess, although I was not the one being celebrated last night:p But actually Faheem was much much much happier than us hehe. First, in the bus (we went in 4 buses), he sat with his ammus (uncles), throughout the 1.5 hour journey (without a fuss), giving mummy and daddy a chance to date peacefully.

Dinner started at 8pm. When the programme started (of course we had to endure few talks, karaoke session and such before the actual feast), we put Faheem in his stroller. And of course he made his usual annoyed things (which he always does whenever he is annoyed such as being strapped in his stroller). First he started spraying his saliva. I said to him,"Faheem kat sini takde nyamuk. Ni hotel 5 star ni. Tak payah spray2" He looked up at us with a cheeky smile and started to toss and turn in his stroller, while making some sound. Fearing that he would start crying, abang took him out. By then the Duta was singing a song entitled highway. I really love that song since I was small. Next, guess what? Faheem started making this sound.. "Ummmmmmmmmmmmm." He is crazy with making these bouts of coughing since the past few days (I posted the video in my facebook). I couldn't help but to release a few laughs. He smiled broadly (mistakenly understood that I wanted to play with him) and started COUGHING. Seriously coughing like he has tuberculosis (batuk kering)!!! The coughs were loud and it echoed in the big hall (in between the Duta's voice). This time around many people started turning their heads towards us (seriously) and I laughed hard, really hard that I was surprised that I didn't fell off from the chair. To stop the whole local chaos from spreading wide, abang firmly took Faheem out of the hall huuu.

When the feast actually started, Faheem was passed from a group of students to another (especially his uncles-cum-abang's colleagues) I hardly put my eyes and hands on him throughout the dinner, a nice change indeed hehe. Faheem ? Well he enjoyed the attention to the most, and when finally abang carried him for the photography session at around 11pm, he fell asleep, in a standing position. Just like that. Faheem, faheem.... :)

Will upload his pics later :)

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