Marking the third week

Went to Ashabul Kahfi for the 2nd time, Dead Sea for the 3rd time.. and I begged abang to not bring me on a Jordan tour anymore. Huu enough is enough. I get car sickness these days.

I've stayed here in Jordan for almost 3 weeks. Well, I'm still busy with the moving-out packing. Oh really I can't wait for this to be over! Kinda busy with some labelling work which I think is driving abang crazy huhuu..Because I'm using a rare font, which doesn't exist in the printing shop's computer (we don't have a printer btw), so abang suggested that I save my work in PDF form, later when he went to the shop, some of the setting were not right, he had to come back home, edit a bit, when he went again, something else had to be corrected, then went to the shop again to install the font in their computer.. I don't know how many times he went to and fro the shop and back home till the end of the day, the printing is still not done huuu poor abang.. (I'm labelling everything-- sugar, salt, tea, coffee, flour, spices etc...) Perhaps I'll put up some pics later

Faheem is unbelievably difficult for the past 1 week. Ummm we are trying to separate him from his pacifier, and he keeps throwing tantrum merely because he can't fall asleep without that blue thing uhuuu. We are trying our best to understand and to be patient.. Alhamdulillah the intensity of his tantrum has reduced significantly though at times I still feel like banging my head on the wall!

Abang will start his final year soon. By soon I mean in 5 days time. Oh yes, when abang's holiday has finished, it marks the end of my holiday as well. I have this weird idea that too long a hol is not good for one's health geee~ Managed to persuade abang to buy a study table for me, a source of motivation perhaps :p

And currently I'm crazy with the idea of preparing a healthy meal for the family, although at times I'm screaming inside to bake cakes or to prepare sugar-laden desserts huuuu which are not healthy of course. Kinda busy updating my cooking blog ^_^ but I'm keeping it private for the time being. A Secret Recipe gahhh absurd~ Abang has suggested the idea that I start a small business, food business I mean and I'm considering the idea seriously. After we have settled in the new house perhaps..

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