It's 5th June, which equals to 4 days of stay in Jordan. I'm still not feeling settled down, there are so many things to be done. I graduated with MBBS to work as an accountant, manager, wife, full time mummy and a cleaner hehe. In simpler term, I am super busy ;p

Wanted to write more on my experience bringing little faheem to Jordan, but I guess I don't have the required strength currently (ngadenye haha). Enough to say that it was a terrifying experience huuu. I pushed my 7kg faheem in his 22kg stroller, wore a 6kg backpack, and simultaneously pull a 12kg trolley bag, practically alone. PLUS 41kg of checked-in baggage huuu. It was a bit tolerable in KLIA when my family helped me with the things, a bit tiring when I was about to board the plane with all my hund luggages, nerve wrecking in the flight when faheem threw a tantrum (luckily it was only for 2 hours from malaysia to bangkok, and then he slept for 9 hours till we arrived in Jordan. Tapi faheem kencing bocor sampai kena tukar baju and pampers 2 kali dalam flight!!) and definitely unbelievably insane in Queen Alia International Airport when I had to recollect everything all by myself. I had to ask for the airport worker's kind assistance to collect my checked-in baggages and put them on the trolley, I had to ask for the immigration people to take care of faheem while I scanned the bags and later on asked 1 of the guards to look after him while I pushed the baggages outside the airport. But when I met abang, terubat hati hehe.

Been busy packing these few days, we'll be moving out soon insyaAllah, been busy buying necessities, been busy laundering and cleaning the house huu. Haven't started on the cooking part yet. Want to write more on faheem's weaning experience ^_^, and the horrible experience of dealing with cloth diapers huu. Perhaps later... i am so not feeling settled down yet :)


Rokhaizat Rahmat said...

Yeaaa!! Nanti kami pula nak susahkan maryam & athiq untuk tolong survey rumah untuk kami (^_^) Bercadang jugak nak guna CD untuk umar, budget package. Haha~

So mommy maryam, do all the best eh. Story benda best2 sikit supaya ummu umar teruja nak belajar jordan (haha tak de kena mengena!~)

Ummu Ameer said...

ijat!!!!!!! ummu ameer sangat excited tunggu ummu umar datangggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mesti faheem seronok dapat kawan hehe. insyaAllah takde masalah survey rumah tu :) okla nanti saya story-mory benda best2 k :D