Quitting one, starting a new one

faheem and me in KLIA. 1st June 2011

faheem dalam pangkuan nenek, a day before he departed to Jordan. Ni kerja ummi dia lah ni

It's been a while since I let go of the student title, and I guess I haven't started missing that part, though when abang brought me to his university hospital few days back, there's a dying wish to put on the whitecoat again.. i guess it's in the blood :) It is exciting in a way when abang brought me and Faheem to the library, and I used his loan quota to the max, borrowing few novels, knowing that I don't have to worry to finish my medical books anytime soon. It feels good to have someone to take care of Faheem and tend to his needs when I'm busy with the novels too! Ahh leisure time, something which was not within my reach with the final exam and the new baby.. :)

It's been a while since I last carried out the responsibility of a wife with the husband around :p and I have just realized (for the ??? times) that being a wife is actually a job hehe. Well you tend to forget how does it feel to be a wife when the husband is away for quite sometime especially in the area of S.H.A.R.I.N.G things thus the need to relearn everything. No worries insyaAllah :)

I have more time for my dear Faheem Alhamdulillah and I hope that won't spoil him in anyway huhuu. Faheem is 'absorbing' Jordan quite excellently. He had his immunization this morning from a clinic which was only 5 minutes walk from home :) Umm yep, he's not really well, has a slight fever post vaccination..

I don't grab the car key and drive off anymore. Yes, we walk to most of the places and if it is far, we take the taxi or bus. Our usual joke is, Faheem is the only one with a car hehe (he hates his car btw. Masuk stroller je buat muka cebik super saiya). We push him in the stroller anywhere (Oh well neither abang nor me can carry him using the baby carrier uhuuu he's way too heavy!). And we take evening walks haha how unusual.

Faheem started eating biscuit yesterday! He's enjoying it to the most alhamdulillah. Farley rusk banana flavoured- reminds me of Safiyya (sebab mama dia asyik belikan makanan perisa pisang je untuk dia huu)..

I have started to feel at home, Alhamdulillah for the umpteenth time :) And Faheem has started enjoying his daddy's company :D ALhamdulillah and alhamdulillah, that is all I manage to say..


uyeop said...

pushchair pink! lolol

Ummu Ameer said...

go faheem in pink! hahaha