CD = Cloth Diaper

This is the sad story, well I'm kinda hoping to get some tips and encouragement from those who have succeeded... :(

I bought 10 pieces of cloth diapers even before faheem was born. Then kakak gave me another 6 I think. Each comes with 2 pieces of insert. Oh well if you still remember my 12kg hand luggage, it consisted mainly of those cloth diapers, the inserts, PLUS 30 pieces of baby napkin. Yep, I was so determined to use cloth diaper for my little faheem as opposed to pampers- save money, less garbage, eco friendly. I don't really mind the extra work washing them truthfully, being a fulltime housewife. (Oh I'm not that lazy, please take note of that~)

The first time I used it, BOCOR! Umm approximately within 2 hours of using i!!??.... Then I tried using few inserts simultaneously, producing such a big bum! And some difficulty in fitting him into his shorts huuuhuuuu. It didn't contain as well.. Then the next time (after I did some complaining to abang huuu), I tried again, and this time around he eliminated and stained the carpet and mattress (baby berak kan cair huu). In addition to canging his urine-stained clothes every 2 hours, I had to clean the carpet, mattress and wash the bed sheets!!!!!
Ok, you can surely imagine I was fed-up by then. SO i opened up 1 of the boxes which I brought from Malaysia, take out the disposable diapers, and started regretting leaving behind the other few packs of diapers in malaysia huhuuu....

BTW, Faheem feeds on 4oz (120ml) of milk every 2 hours.. I wonder whether that that can be considered as the failing factor huuu


Hafiz dan Mawaddah said...

assalamualaikum maryam,

sekadar berkongsi pengalaman full cloth diapering uwais...maryam dh pre-wash cd 3 kali ke? mungkin maryam kena recheck cara pakai cd dkt faheem..area tight should fit very well, tak ketat dan tak longgar...uwais pn heavy wetter gk maryam...jadi, mawaddah mmg change every 2-3 hrs atau mawaddah guna 1 bamboo insert..bamboo insert ni, absorption dia power skit..hehe..

sekadar berkongsi..

Ummu Ameer said...

thanks mawaddah :) em ni bocor bukan start dari bawah.. bila insert tu dah soak habis, then dia start soak cd kat area pinggang, pastu lenjun semua huuu. dahlah air paip kat sini freezing cold, lemah semangat betul nak membasuh2 ni huehue. takpe2 akan berusaha!