I am writing this selepas kekecewaan menyental periuk hitam legam tapi taknak berkilat jugak haih~ Faheem will turn 5 months on the 19th of Jun insyaAllah, in approximately 2 weeks. But he has started weaning at the age of 4 months huhu. I know the age is a bit controversial :p But what is done is done ngee~

I started considering weaning when I felt that milk alone is simply not enough for him. He couldn't really sleep through the night and kept demanding for milk. However during each feed, he became very sleepy that he could usually finish around 1 oz only and fell asleep agin, only to be awoken up by hunger about an hour later...

Babies develop at different ages thus there is no 1 strict rule or template to which each and everyone of them should adhere to. Faheem started to roll over a day before he turned 2 months, he then progressed to elevating his bum (macam nak merangkak) at around 3.5 months and around the same time he was active as any baby can be, exploring his world in his walker, moving backwards. And now at 4 months, he can move around the room name it backward, forward, sideways hehe. He rolls himself like a log for metres. (Oh well, he's not that efficient in crawling on his tummy thus opts for the log-rolling move) Alhamdulillah for the health that Allah has bestowed upon him :)

Because he is active, I personally feel milk is simply not enough for him. So I started with rice porridge (Cerelac) which I initially added into his milk. It was very thin. He tolerated well. After about 2 weeks, I noticed that he has started mouthing and was very interested in our food. Whenever abang and me is having our meal, he becomes very excited and tries hard to reach for the food (while wearing a cheeky smile hahaha) So from thickened milk, I changed the menu. I took out his green frog bowl (a cute baby meal set bought in Ikea hehe), and made a real rice porridge (I'm using Cerelac currently. Haven't had time to make my own version of rice porridge huuu). Simply rice, though I'm yelling inside me to add some protein to the carbohydrate hehe. Guess what?? He enjoyed his porridge up to his bowl!!!!! (Dahlah gelojoh tak sabar2 tunggu for the next suapan. Ohh mangkuk katak tu pun dia nak makan ok setelah bubur habis) Alhamdulillah he has been eating that for the past 1 week, and he sleeps soundly for 12 hours or more through the night (waking up 1 or twice in between for milk) Alhamdulillah and alhamdulillah and alhamdulillah. Dah besar la anak mummy and daddy ni :D


Farahdina said...

baby zaman sekarang sangat cepat membesar...n a doctor here told me that it's ok to start the weaning kalau baby macam tak cukup susu dan jenis yg consume banyak energy means active aqeef dah start cerelac few days ago dan dia baru 3.5 months old..dekat jordan sejuk x sekarang?doctor tu kata salah 1 sebab baby makan banyak dan mcm x cukup susu sebab cuaca sejuk.mula2 risau tapi tengok dia ok, alhamdulillah.
last few days my husband said Aqeef look that's faheem al waseem.then I asked, "mana?" he pointed to an arabian lady pushing stroller..then I said faheem al waseem dah pegi jordan meets his daddy..i really have no idea how my husband can remember your little prince's name.maybe sebab saya selalu cakap dekat aqeef one day kalau ade rezeki you can meet faheem..hehe
take care yer kak maryam, baby faheem and encik day biiznillah faheem can meet aqeef :)

Ummu Ameer said...

hehe that's funny. hope we can meet one day :)