alhamdulillah we have moved to a new house 2 weeks ago. I have started cleaning the house 1 week prior to that but until now many things remain unsettled. Moving to anew house is seriously not a funny business, it is super duper tiring! But alhamdulillah again, it is a cosy one :), not big but more like a humble cottage (despite the fact that is is on the ground floor of a flat hsaha)Oh well, I intend to transform it into 1. Nice environment, Faheem gets his own bedroom, Faheem can safely play outside and now has a new friend named Sarah, the landlord's daughter. She's 2.5 years old but double faheem's size in terms of height and width hehe. They are living in the same building. (Going to post a video of them in fb) internet has just been installed 2 days ago and yup i was offline for almost 3 weeks!

So what I had been doing for the past 2 weeks? washing the floor was of course compulsory. I installed the carpet, helped abang with the drilling work to hang the curtains (we almost drilled the whole house!!), moving heavy furnitures around, endless laundering, making kitchen shelves and even painted our bed white! well you can guess, i am the one who wanted it to be white :p

In between i cook clumsily but since yesterday the mood to cook 7 bake has reported in :D yes, i bullied our oven and stove. As oppose to me, abang prefers kuih melayu to cakes, so i make both.sincerely I have just started learning to make kuih melayu huuu and yesterday i made kuih kasturi which i self rate as tasty hahaha. It is one of abang's favourite (abang has too many favourite btw). will put the piccies & recipe in my food blog later. tapi first batch hitam rentung sebab terlalu menggelabah kat dapur huuu.

Faheem turned 6 months 2 days ago alhamdulillah. He is 73cm, and a whooping 7.8kg. Faheem has started eating both chicken and fish, and potato :D. He crawls around the house (sampai ke dapur tgk mummy masak huuu), he can climb up a 10 inches mattress and climb down as well. He still can't crawl but has started to sit (tapi duduk tak betul lagi, macam gaya org arab duduk bermalas-malasan), he likes making friends (and actually interacted with sarah by coughing! taktik ape tah), suka merajuk, sleeps on his own for 12 hours straight durig the night. he loves to eat slippers and suck the big toe (including mummy's whenever mummy wasn't aware huuu). perut dia serious boyot. Faheem sucks his big thumb to sleep huhuuu (tiru ummi astem nih!), faheem suka duduk himpit2 kat mummy and daddy (well when he wakes up in between sleep, sempat lagi cari lengan daddy untuk letak kepala huhu), he likes to disturb us while we are having our meal aishh the list is endless! alhamdulillah for his good health..

Think I'll continue later..


Hazwani said...

hooray to faheem!! so many things he can do already!

Ummu Ameer said...

mr rayyan apa cer wani? bet he can jump dah kot hehe