Rasa nak tergelak bila teringat :D

With the abundant of notes screaming for completion, and the wasted times for shedding tears in missing abang, I guess finally I've found a tiny speck of chance to write something which isn't that worth of writing, but readable hopefully huh~

I have this 'bad habit' of talking too much. My evergreen victim? Ummi of course haha. I used to follow her around while she was busying herself with household chores of course, and talk about almost everything, and when she finally took a rest to enjoy the newspaper, I refused to call it a day, and happily continued with this activity haha. The thing is, I knew all along that she wasn't paying attention, and just replied with a careless "hmm" every now and then :D but that didn't dampen the spirit anyway. So I told her every single thing that happened in school, I told her about every single person that I encounter in very meticulous details (no wonder she usually can guess which is which whenever she meet my friends for the first time huu).. so the story is..

I continue to act that way in Medical school. Huu. But instead of telling her about my friends, I tell her about my patients, excluding the name for confidential purpose of course. My first posting was Paeds. I clearly remember I told her of a boy, whose mother was a single mother, She was a rubber tapper, and she had 13 kids to be fed. They lived in a small kampung house, with 2 rooms, together with her grandchildren- 16 people! I told her the boy wore worn out clothes, torn and stitched.. I told her with great emotion.. and guess what? I ended going to the ward, with a bag full of second hand clothes- ni my bros punya, yg still elok, tp dah tak muat size :), well they grow so fast! and some amount of cash- definitely not from me but from Ummi. I remember that mak cik was so touched, that she repeatedly said that she'd pray for my success etc.. when i was not actually my deed huuu...

That was the first time and definitely not the last time becuase I continue to promote my patients to Ummi hahaha. Now, I've started thinking of changing my career from a doctor to a politician, I seriously think I'm good at lobbying :p. Maybe I can be as good as Shahrizat?? huuu. The thing that struck me (and continues making me feel insaf huu) is my mum is a housewife with 0 (spell Z-E-R-O) income. But she doesn't mind in donating the little amount of money that she has huu (Ummi rajin kumpul sikit2 duit that abah allocates for food).

Last week, she asked me to search for a water filter at the shopping complex; she has been dreaming of owning an RO water filter that costs thousands of ringgit since years back I guess. (Ummi takut buah pinggang rosak if minum air not properly filtered hehe) So she has been saving some money for quite sometime (I think it's not enough yet, but nearly reaching her aim :D). But this week, I arrived home on Friday with another story of my new patient.. and she sacrificed some amount of money from whatever that she has..

Tapi aku? Dahla jarang bersedekah.. boros pulak tu.. huu really I should learn the lesson.
1. Jgn jadi kedekut, rajinlah bersedekah
2. Jangan jadi isteri yang suka habiskan duit suami
3. Pandai2 berjimat


Khairunnisa' said...

Salam ummi awk pendengar yg setia sebenarnya.. tp bila dia tak pndg muka bkn bmakna dia xlayan. kerja2 jgk.. tgn ligat smbil wat keje.

macam ibu sy la. tgk tv, tgn ligat melipat baju la.. iron la. sy xle. hehehe makanya lajulah mulut ibu :P

Nice blog..

Sy kenal ur husband tp rasanya dia xingt sy kot sbb last sy join naqibah kat uiapj dlu. lama dh...

take care :)

Anonymous said...

I used to be the "penglipur lara" (gelaran yang diberikan oleh adik2) of the family....and now, I have my own penglipur lara since she learn to talk...nanti bila dia besar, cik emi jadi macam ummi jugak la, hehehehe

Ummu Ameer said...

khairunnisa', salam kenal :)

cik emi, tataula kenpa everytime tgk ummi je, mesti rasa nak cerita benda hehe. Batul berdoa supaya anak batul tak potpet mcm batul or husna ngeh3~ or else terpaksa join ummi's club hehe