I woke up this morning with a very bad feeling.. but remembering that I have to do a formal case presentation with my mentor today, taking a leave was not a choice, so I kinda said to myself, "never mind, you can always go back after the cp" haha because I was dead sure I had the inclination to go back only after office hours. But I felt much better when Abang called, and recited few pages from the Quran for me.. Of course after he asked whether I have recited the Quran, and I had to give a sheepish "No" as an answer..

The CP was lousy, first thing becuase the history was lousy (not because of me ok :p but because it was just not a typical disease presentation), secondly I examined the patient a week ago, so when I was asked

"Did you examine the patient?"

I answered, "Em, I examined him a long time ago"

"Never mind, just tell us the findings a long time ago"

"I don't remember la, Dr"

"Oh ok, did you manage to inspect the swelling and the discharging sinuses?"

"Yyess... tp sekejap je, because actually the skin Dr nak inspect, the nurse turned the patient (the swelling was on the back), and sempat tgk sekejap"

"So can you describe it? Ke tak boleh jugak?"

"Tengok sekejap sangat, dah tak ingat dah..."

"You ni banyak betul alasan"

Aku tersengih kambing, Dr pun taktau nak cakap ape huhuuu he just laughed. Kenapalah aku lousy sgt huu. Finally he checked the patient's file, only to find a lousy documentation as well huuuu.

"Dr, kita buat la short case kat patient tu" (meaning we examine him on-the-spot)

"Hmm I think not much that we can find.."

I was prepared to be bashed on the history part, and even attempted suicide by suggesting the short case thing. Well, it was a spine case, and truthfully I'm not good at examining the spine..

Everything said and done. I went to the OT after that, and came back after 5.30pm (hahaa sangatlaa "awal"nya aku balik, way deviated from my original plan :D see i told ya!!). Was a bit drousy in the OT, when the surgeon talked of polygamy; I wonder why do men like to talk about polygamy huuu

My room is jinxed, because the moment I enter it, I start to cry. Missing abang tooooo muccchhhhhhhhh. So I asked Ummi to give me a call, discussed things with her.. and feeling better Alhamdulillah :)


Anonymous said...

ok la maryam present juz now...aku present lagi teruk kot smlm eventhough same least tau la history of patient.but we always learn from mistakes:> -afif

Ummu Ameer said...

don't worry, 18 more months for us to practise presenting..

Hana said...

ni pt kat acute bed yg ada referral dermato tu ke? =)

Ummu Ameer said...

yup hehe :p