Oh well, it's crap again!

The sun finally returns, bringing along the cheerful rays, Alhamdulillah for that (although at times it can be extremely hot that it burns!!) And it’s the craving for ice creams again. Currently enjoying the sickening green choc chip mint ice cream, I’m longing for a place called home. That’s 1 thing I really enjoy- eating ice creams while lazing around in the house. How extremely unproductive other than few pounds added here and there under the skin. It has been 2 weeks since I last went back, and absolutely I yearn for another trip back to KL

Trying to wipe out the memory of an unfinished business- it’s the recurrent diagnosis of Case write-up procrastination. Friday is the limit, and yet I haven’t started working on it. My on-calls tomorrow!! I am searching hard for the scent of trouble huu. Really can’t possibly wait for graduation to become a housewife (huu don’t MBBS graduates to become a doctor??) –shutting my eyes shut- don’t bother to wake me up to face the nightmarish reality.

Am closely watching my weight in suspense as well haha, for I make a big improvement by taking perfect meals nowadays.. Abang is unshakably determined to set his eyes on me and make a close and strict monitoring- for the diet, and for the weight gain of course. I am still trying to adapt to the fact that my hubby really wants his wife to be plump haisyy- it kinda spell trouble for me huuu.

We don't go to the ward that much this week. Had a whole day of Rehab teaching on monday, a whole day of Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy on wednesday, a whole day of Basic Orthopedic Skill Workshop on Thursday.. But the feeling to just get done with Ortho is still there.. It's not the Ortho thingy, but it's the holiday thingy huu. I desperately need the 2-weeks holiday haissyy..

The current hot topic is scholarship. Seems like everybody is having an anxiety attack, speculating when will the JPA scholarship be available. Haissyy again... Will turn 23 tomorrow insyaAllah hahaha glad that I'm only 23 when most of my buddies are horrifyingly staring at the figure 24 ngee~ But age is just another method of measuring when what matters most are your iman and amalan and taqwa.. I don't know why do I have to write these useless things here anyway, but oh-well I forgot that I enjoy rambling so much~~~

I wonder why am I not flourishing in all aspects.. Do I live as a good muslimah?? I'm doubting the fact...

I need a second helping of the ice cream!!!

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