Farah's Wedding

My Abah
Athiq's Abah

My Ummi
A'thiq's mum

Awatif (my youngest sis in law) yg baru lepas menangis hehe

Our cousins.....
"Kak Maryam, Abg A'thiq mana?"
"Abg A'thiq kat Jordan"
"Kak Maryam, Abg A'thiq buat apa kat Jordan?"
they talk non-stop...
My sisters in law- Ipah, Ieman and Izzati

Snapped a photo with the bride :D

This entry is nothing of importance. Just few pics which I want to show to Abang who was missing in action hehe. Went to our cousin's wedding- Farah! Semoga perkahwinan dilimpahi barakah dr Allah :)

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