Another crap material just to untangle the confusion huu

It's Friday, people!! Eagerly welcoming the weekend :D Though abang is still busy, and I still won't have that ample of a chance to chat with him. Haha today he becomes one of the panelist for a forum called Tatkala Cinta Bertasbih in Mafraq.. I wonder what is it all about. Told him that I've finished watching the movie (the 1st episode only though), and fall in love with the song but am wondering how could a love possibly bertasbih? Never mind.. I am actually unable to really interpret the song haha maybe I need the poetic expertise of my sister (can you imagine that she actually has a degree in English literature?? wonder how does her mind work though through all the vague arrangement of words that seem to be placed in inappropriate places huh to give another unrelated meanings; but ended being an Aviation English lecturer hehe. Probably the aviation thingy is hereditary. But oh well she is retiring anyway, confirming that the housewife gene has an even stronger influence ngee~). I remember once she asked me to read a poem (from her thick English literature textbook of course) and even further asked me to interpret (gosh!!???? was that a compliment or merely to point out my mechanic mind??). Well I did try.. and I confidently answered it was 100% about fruits- pomellos and all. Only to be pointed out that I was way deviated as the poem was actually telling the story of a woman (pregnant woman; if my memory doesn't fail me)

Back to school I guess. The effort to suppress malingering isn’t giving any positive yield. Really it doesn’t help when you have to introduce yourself by saying:

“My mother is a full time housewife. I have 2 sisters. The elder is retiring in 1 month, and the younger is now a full time house daughter”

And really it didn’t help at all when we went back to kg during eiduladha, people were asking my sis, “How’s work?” “Oh I’m retiring” “Are you sure? You are a lecturer!” “Oh yeah, I think I’ll enjoy being a housewife” and “Asma’ buat ape sekarang?” “Goyang kaki kat rumah” I think I do look odd huhuuu.. don’t worry, there’s nothing much to worry other than my spiking depression level. It really wasn’t me when the line blurted from between my lips, “I’m so depressed” closely followed by hyperactive lacrimal glands. Ummi replied, “Mesti ade hikmah…”

“Batul, balik kuantan kul berapa esok?”
“Not sure. Tengahari kot”
“G hospital esok?”
“Definitely” (while imagining a horrifying Monday should I neglect my patient).
“Sejak bila pulak kamu tak g hospital kan..”
“I have a great life there”
“Tak lama lagi nak grad. Setahun lebih je lagi..”
“Yup considering I have 2 years of housemanship, 10 years of contract with JPA.. sure graduation seems so near” (sulking + imagining how can I possibly become a doctor in 1 year plus huu. A terrible one I'm sure)

It seems like ages since the last time I complaint of medicine. and now I’m complaining…. again. I really shouldn’t! Don't worry, I myself choose to join the working men's club :p I don't know why but ever since I join the ortho world, I seem to lose every drop of confidence that I used to have. However I am not very keen with the idea that a muslim doctor is usually perceived as not very competent, or can't be a consultant. Yet I'm at the loosing end -sigh-

"Ayang nak apa utk birthday? Kawan abang nak balik Malaysia, nanti abang kirim hadiah"
"I want you. Boleh ke?"
"Nanti abang tanya kawan abang, dia larat bawak ke tak"
"Tapi takut luggage overweight tak lepas kat airport.."
"Abang pun risau overweight jugak"

I'm almost half-way ortho, really can't patiently wait for the 3rd posting to finish (with 2 passes of course huu)

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