Moving into the second trim

I guess I'm insane! Few more months left before I graduate insyaAllah, and I'm still thinking of quitting? Dude!!!!! Or better still, postponing the final year. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm really not in the -student-mode- (malas yang melampau) and I can't push myself to be in that mode, and I just want to go back home and stay with Ummi, doing nothing. How awful does that sound?.......Pemalas giler2.

Is it that bad? Hah. Rephrase --> Is medicine that bad? or.. Is the mind that rotten? Huhu either way. InsyaAllah abang will be home in 1 week, and I'm trying hard to finish my on-calls before that..which explains the dull and grumpy weekend in Kuantan ~sigh~ I really want to hug and kiss and chew Safiyya!

Surely abang will be surprised, the wife that has always been slim-mlim (haha), dah buncit pun haha. In no time, the wife will be all bloated up!

Moving into the second trimester, few changes have to take place. I start taking the Enfamama milk although the taste is not that encouraging huu. I rarely vomit these days but the nausea is still there. And I'm yet waiting for the dinasourous appetite to set in huu. Guess I'm tired of doing a shopping spree at the pasar malam and later throwing away untouched food. Stowing away the high heels, I opt for a pair of unfashionable Bata Comfit sandal because when you stand for 1 whole day in the ward, the shoes really can't accomodate the swelling feet. It's not much yet, but the feet do swell! And I start to look at my baju kurung with distaste huu. The kain has started to strangle the waist! If I wear it too low,then it'd sweep the street clean, if I wear it too high it would cause an even more severe dyspnea. Haisyy. In the end, can I just wear nothing?? _Depressed mode_ 1 thing, I can't tolerate chicken now, but I have to eat nasi lemak every single day!!!! Ketagih pulak tu dengan nasi lemak kat Rescue. How unhealthy huuu.

Abang, do ur best in the exam! (Chewah pandai nasihatkan abang, walhal diri sendiri pun malas).

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