Ni cerita Nuffnang

When I was in Jordan, everybody (fellow bloggers) were busy with the 'blog and get paid' activity, by using Nuffnang, adsense, answering questionnaire and such. What inspired me most was when I read Ibu and Walid Damia's blog, regarding their earning which reached hundreds, just by using Nuffnang! So I tried my best to explain abang regarding this Nuffnang, and ended putting the banner in my blog haha.

Abang was being skeptic in the throughout (he never believes that one can easily earn anything huu) but I tried my luck anyway. After 2 weeks, there were still no earning but the blog traffick was quite high reaching hundreds. Then i had to meekly inform abang by saying "Abang, tak dpt duit pun letak Nuffnang.. traffick high tapi takde org nak click banner tu kot huu" Memangla iklan yg Nuffnang letak tu pun tak best langsung huu. Abang laughed, he really laughed macam nak pecah perut, that I was infected :D He said "kan abang da cakap" me: "tapi tikah dapat duit banyak"

Another 2 weeks, I checked again, I said abang ada RM0.25 je. This time around I couldn't stop laughing. Abang sindir2 la sambil ketawa gila2 "dah tak payah nak sibuk2 cari duit kat blog, abang kan tanggung ayang". I was still feeling rebellious, "Bukan takde duit, tapi org lain tulis blog, dapat duit" siap buat muka cebik lagi

Today after 2 weeks in malaysia, for the first time I check my Nuffnang account. Baru RM0.50!!! Kalau abang dgr mesti dia gelak lagi haha. Sesungguhnya memangla nak cancel Nuffnang tu.


'atiqah said... pun camtu dulu..=p kecil2 lama2, jadi bukit..u just need some EXTRA time =)

p/s: take care!

ad. Lucidus said... this an indirect hint to get us to click on that nuffnang ad thingy? *suspicious look*


ummu ameer said...

hehe nope la dude, saje2 cerita sbb it's funny when i think about it..:) well, at least a change of air from my grumpy side ngee. tkah, sesungguhnya saya dah malas nak guna nuffnang hehe

admin@10thbatch said...

utk blog batch next week insyaAllah dah boleh cash out..
tp tunggulah dl, bz sket skrg.