I haven't updated for long, it's not so much about the final year aura but the 1st trim is still not over yet. Now I'm more determined than ever to just feel enough with whatever that I have.. a lovely daughter perhaps? haha. (abang, silalah bersifat qanaah juga ok :p)
Tomorrow will be the 11th week (the week changes every sunday), I still vomit once daily, in the morning, and that explains why I usually come late to the ward huu..sometimes I really question my own commitment in being an IM (internal medicine) students..with the unnegligible absence, excessive sleeping while pretending I have nothing to revise (specifically pretending that Kumar & Clark has never existed!) well I need 11 hours of sleep everyday sigh~, the 2 weeks had really gone by quite unsatisfactorily..and I have 5 more weeks to go before the exam. Gosh!! (Including the 2 pre-exam weeks when I have to endure abang's presence haha) I guess all in all 3 weeks left for me to do some significant exam prep huhuu...

Baby prep is going on according to plan Alhamdulillah. I manage to prevent myself from indulging into the shopping thingy. We have this warehouse Parkson Sale in megamall kuantan, and the whole village is talking about it..going crazy over it as well, and it is such a big sin for me not to pay an honourable that was what I did. Surprisingly, I managed to come home empty-handed!!! I was not lured into emptying my pocket gee :D

Abang asked me to make a table of a list of things that we have to buy (given that our baby has nothing much to inherit. The second baby on my side, and on abang's side), and I searched the internet for the price range..and we meticulously calculated within the affordoble range insyaAllah. Well, it's a good thing that mummy is such an avid internet shopper :p. The list was completed during my elective, and abang gave his approval so purchase after purchase was made..and till now I think we are 60% done with the shopping! Whoa. One will do the same when the husband is not always around.. and we decide to finish everything by raya..perhaps abang will be back again by the time baby is ready to see the world!

Till now, (this list is more to update the dad :))baby already has her own white wooden crib, with crib set, mattress and all alhamdulillah (ni beli sebab sale :D), set tilam kekabu for travelling or put the baby merata-rata, breastpump set (Spectra 3) including the backpack, milk storage bottles and cooler bag- semangat yg terlampau nk exclusively breastfeed baby huu, sterilizer, 10 pieces of cloth diaper (gambar cartoon comel hehe), sleeping bag (this one was bought by abang upon mummy's request ngee), a basketful of clothes (pun beli ngan abang dulu2, plus the rompers given by my brother, Umar and mittens hat n boots given by alia), and miscellaneous things such as brush bottle, bulb syringe hehe (and all are pink!).

I'm more than glad to have Ummi who counsels me on the thing that we need and we don't need. Things like "Cukuplah beli baju! Banyak sangat. Ummi dulu, beli 4 helai je sebab waktu tu tak mampu sgt, lepastu basuh la hari2"
Me: Err I do laundry once a week huuu
Yg Umar ni lagi ntah ape2, "Eee buat ape beli sterilizer?? Ummi basuh dengan axion je!"
I was like, 'how does he even know Ummi guna axion waktu dia baby dulu2??' so i just answered "Ummi rebus atas api la botol2 dulu!" That is actually true.

The nausea is still very much testing my patience, although I now eat rice up to 4 times a day huu (seriously rasa lapar mcm kebuluran) plus titibits (bread which used to be my main meal huu) in between my current main meals. The weight is spiking high!! But never mind, I eat when I feel famished and hypoglycaemic so i guess that's normal. If makan lambat sket je, akan muntah2 haisyy.

I guess that's all for now, got the elective report to be completed and submitted on monday, the 5 clerking sheets to be submitted on friday, and should start working on my case write-up huuuuu.... still not in the mood to be hardworking T_T


ANIEMZ said...

slm.. kak maryam, breast pump spectra 3 complete set tu harga nya berapa?

Ummu Ameer said...

salam aniemz,
akak beli rm578 if tak silap, kat

akak rasa cam agak murah, sebab dia bagi spectra 3, breast shield, pastu bagpack pro mum utk letak pump, pastu cooler bag with 3 icepacks, pastu milk storage bottles ada sampai 8 kot.. and few other things.. aniem try la tgk kat situ :)

Anonymous said...

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