A weekend with Safiyya :D

safiyya tidur sambil tarik rambut. safiyya stress ke ni??
safiyya tidur ganas! macam2 aksi. dia ni memang pandai keluar dari bedung. pastu kitorng ckp safiyya ni budak kampung, tak pernah pakai seluar! diapers corak hawaii pulak tuh huu

nak pakaikan safiyya socks tapi safiyya kecik sgt! so nenek do it manually, letak rubber band je kat socks safiyya hahaha

It is a weekend well spent with the little one Alhamdulillah. Finally I managed to touch, pinch, kiss, hug and torture Safiyya on her 13th day of life hehe (hey Safiyya welcomed my presence with her poo and vomitus haha). Well she did behave when she sacrificed her sleeping time the evening all of us came back home, I guess she was kinda overwhelmed with all the attention given, and tried hard to stay awake despite accidentally falling asleep few times.

Safiyya rarely cries, she only does so when she's hungry. Itupun menangis kurang ikhlas ekk-pause-ekk-pause-ekk hahaha. Safiyya sangat ringan and kecik and adorable and wears that emotionless expression all the time. But she smiles very frequently now, not a social smile though, she's just working out the muscles and making sure everything is functioning :p

Looking at Safiyya really moves me to tears at times.. looking at the innocent face..and the sad expression when she's desperate to feed (she really knows how to catch our sympathy by making the pitiful face!!) and I keep thinking of the babies that were abandoned, thrown away like a rubbish, and become the meal for animals and maggots... I imagine how they cry because they are hungry, how they cry for some love and attention, how they cry because they feel cold, and how they cry to death.. sangat sedih... there are times when I feel extremely hungry or extremely in pain enduring the gastritis and I have people around me to help.. there are times when I wake up in the middle of the night, crying due to some stupid nightmares, and I'd pick up the phone to call abang, sobbing like mad looking for consolation, there are times when I feel that life is cruel, and I'm glad to have those who care, lending me their ears and offering me words of motivation.. well we are not babies, and yet we still need others to help us to move on.. I think of all these when I look at safiyya. Sometimes safiyya wakes up suddenly and cries hysterically, I guess she experiences nightmares, and I love to cuddle her and make her feel convinced that it is just a nightmare. Sometimes she cry mildly so I hug her and sing to her, and she would continue to stare at me in such a peaceful way until she fall asleep..those stares really make me understand that more than anything else, each and everyone of us want to feel cared and loved.. and sometimes she cry in such a sad way, like a heart-touching howling.. I guess it's her way to tell us that she's famished! hehe and I'd nag the mama to breastfeed her immediately.. a weekend with safiyya is indeed a weekend well spent. an innocent baby reminds me about life and all its beauties Alhamdulillah :) do spread the love especially to the dependent the children, to our parents :)

p/s safiyya is so lucky to have great mama n abah, atuk yang suka kejutkan safiyya dari tidur sebab nak main dgn safiyya, nenek yang rajin mandikan safiyya and backup safiyya (hehe ummi ckp kalau lambat bagi safiyya menyusu bila dia dah nangis, nanti berdosa), aunties who love to take care of her, and uncles yg pandai check pampers safiyya berak ke tak hehe


cherub_yan said...

i like to play with the babies n 'study' about them too..they are lovable n huggable creatures..hek3..

Khairunnisa' said...

Love ur post kali ini...

Rasa mcm nak kwen cepat2.. huaaaaa sbb sy nk sgt rasa apa Maryam rasa sekarang :P

Take care ye Maryam :)

As said...

congrats on safiyya :P well you know what i mean..