Twilight Saga, please??

Only 1 day left, of my precious and rare holiday..before i regretfully ride the bus and depart for Kuantan.. and in the remaining 1 day, i have so many things to do..I want to bake, I want to complete sewing the curtain which have been abandoned ( I started making it during my 2 months holiday after professional exam..almost half a year ago ~huu) , I want to write endlessly (probably I have to put that aside as it can be done in Kuantan)..and after spending 1 whole day repainting and spring-cleaning my room yesterday, i think i deserve to have a nice break.. which means reading the Twilight Saga huu. It belongs to my sis, and she is continuously influencing me to read it -_-

But looking at the books which I have brought home (konon-konon la for holiday reading), a pang GUILT invades my tempted heart..and I just can't decide. You can read the twilight saga, no harm in doing that :) 
but I choose the latter just to assure myself that at least I do 'something more Islamic' today :p

You see, our whole life is an ibadah as long as the itention is for Allah, but in everything we do we have to choose a better ibadah :) Happy 'ibadat'ing everybody!!

Don't worry, I'll carefully choose an interesting book and share the review in

By the way I am going to share the room-makeover in If you have nothing interesting to do..feel free to visit this new and sparse blog :)


kakchik said...

Huhuhu, the Twilight Saga, all of them are so thick and big. I can't even think I'll have time to read them in just 1 day.

Ummu Ameer said...

hehe i think i can finish 1 book per day. i'm such a fast and addicted reader when it comes to story books!!

Nana Farhanna said...

heee so how's twilight?? i think the first 2 are quite ok laaa.. but when it comes to eclipse, alllll my frens said that it really is boring..! i just started reading eclipse today.. hehe ;) nt fill me in eh psl eclipse kalo dh bace la.. lemme know what u think..