I can't wait for the End Block Holiday!!

Finally, i find the time to write something here!! yup, i don't write much these days..probably because I am too busy brooding (again) hehe and creating a whole new set of internal conflicts in me (shh it's the "Why the heck am I doing medicine??" again) :p. so before i'll be off to the next meeting in umm 10 minutes time.. allow me to clear off some hanging cobwebs (a-ti-shoo). I'm now doing Internal Medicine, IM, interNal meDicine, iNtErNaL mEdIcInE- pheww the posting which proudly won the "highest-failure-rate award" -SIGH-

Failure and pass is a very subjective matter. To think that it is quite unfair and unjust to judge the hardwork throughout the posting in the few critical minutes of presentation 
(well, clinical exam is all about acting by the way), I can only say to those who 
failed "Please be patient, it was indeed a test from Him"..... this worldly examination is nothing compared 
to the LIFE EXAMINATION. now we can resit and repeat, but that is of course not the case in akhirah...
May Allah guide us all..

Remind me to write on HIV/ AIDS later..something which happened in the ward..-sigh- I'm dying to share it now, but really I just can't escape the meeting this time around (up-rolling my eyeballs, but I'm not fitting!!)

By the way I'll insyaAllah be going home tomorrow :D so probably I'll have more time to write..on so many things!!! and to Kak Chik, I'm still waiting for the niqab guide ehehehe :)

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