Khaibar khaibar ya Yahud, Jaisyu muhammad saufa ya'ud!!

I am not from TV3 who is responsible to make a report on the event (haha i have no other intention besides to publicly mention, TV3 came to cover the demonstration)

But i do feel excited to write something about it anyway (pictures will follow later k as I can't find my hp's cable thus i can't transfer the pictures & video -gosh!! + gasp- into Lavender kun -and to acknowledge that Lavender kun is so ancient that it isn't supplemented with bluetooth device- )

First of all, it was raining mildly, quite a dark and damp day which allowed the MC (fakhru please take note) to use the line "Cuaca seakan memahami....bla bla bla" Such a perfect dramatic setting!!?? :p

It was held immediately after Jumuah prayer, in front of UIAM Kuantan mosque, which disabled the people from going back without attending the demo (segan barangkali??)

There were so many people, tha when "Allahuakbar" was cried out loud, I was surprised that none of the glasses in Kuliyyah of Medicine building broke!!! huu extreme exaggeration~

It started with speech given by Dean of Kuliyyah of Medicine, Dr Fauzi Rani followed by speech from few other lecturers and students. Next came the Donation, Gimmick, Resolution etc

Towards the end of the demonstration, a small group o students insisted that the Bush dummy should be burnt. But we didn't do it because it wasn't academic. At last instead of shouting "Hancur Hancur Hancur Israil", the line "Bersurai bersurai pergi kelas" was heard.. And Mr Azmi (Campus director) just smiled gleefully..

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A.G.M.G said...

that's so lively... i saw it from TV3.. wow.. x sangka.. hmm.. miss the chance...