I think it is time for me to write, but I was dead afraid that I'll (AGAIN!) write on negativism, becase the thing is.. I am currently disampuk hantu jahat. Pheww. What I really want right now is

1. to go back home
2. to spend my holiday at home
3. to be home
4. to have my meal at home
5. to go to the toilet in my house
6. to sleep and get up in my own bed back home
7. everything that is associated with home!!!

But do i realize that we don't always get what we want..? The palestinians want a piece of land where they can call 'home'..they have it but it is not peaceful as how a home should be..

The Israels want the Palestinians home, to be their own home. They are stealers!!

The palestinians are grieving, so am I. And so are the muslims from around the globe..

Can anybody please allow me to go home??... -sob sob sob- 


zAituL aZrA said...

maryam, skrg x duk kt umah ke?? kte kn ngah cuti skrg..beshnyer.. :)

kakchik said...

dik maryam, home is where the heart is. cry for palestine but do reach out and grab that phone, give your family a call. pray for palestine but do remember to pray for your beloved ones too. i know dik, palestine is our family too that needs our loves that is called doa/prayers and help any way that we can; money, food, medicine and etc.