I don't know why..

I don't know why but I always feel tempted to write regrding parents, birrul walidain.. Or more specific regarding ummi wa abi..

Today abah is having the usual gouty attack- an illness which he has been living with for almost 20 years. How intensively heart breaking to see him limping around..and usually he won't walk much. If you have never seen someone having gouty attack, please believe me it is very painful.. Imagine if i inject a syringe of water into your joint causing it to swell, how painful would that be...?.. hmm i have never experienced it myself as well, so i wouldn't know for sure..

After I had my lunch alone, because my parents had their lunch in bed huu.. I walked pass their bedroom to go upstairs..and their bedroom door was ajar (p/s: ajar means partially opened :p ) and i saw them performing congregational zuhr prayer..with abah sitting on a chair (of course, how could ummi possibly be the imam?? hehe). Terkasima seketika memerhatikan mereka.. dan rasa sayu.. 
We are getting bigger and they are growing older.. Kalau dulu bila melihat ayah kita, 
seorang lelaki gagah perkasa, and stronger than Ultraman, more super than Superman, 
dan bila lihat mak kita, wanita jelita dan sempurna, padanya kita harapkan kasih sayang dan belaian manja..
but now when we look at our parents, we see 2 frail beings, who needs our love and care.. it makes me think.. mampukah aku untuk menjadi anak yang solehah dan berikan jagaan sempurna, layanan istimewa.. sesempurna jagaan dan seistimewa layanan mereka...??......

Appreciate your parents, and love them!!! Their sacrifices could never be repaid.. in eternity..

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