Sanity sometimes can be missed!

Today I ask abang again to settle our transfer letter. Yes, we are going to apply for a transfer ;P hopefully it will be before my delivery is due. I dont know what Kedah has to offer us, but I know that I really want to move to Kedah.

Some people may think I may not be realistic because I am a dreamer. Yes I am a dreamer who take risks and strive to achieve my dreams! This blog which I started back in 2007 have witnessed my ups and downs, the risks that I took, the insane decisions that I made, and the achievements that has made me proud, Alhamdulillah :)

I know that I dont have a strong reason nor do I have a way or even bother to explain, but Kedah is the place where I want to start anew.To start carving my dreams from scratch, and to prove that a dreamer like me always have a plan laid out. The gnawing feeling from the delay in moving there simply put is exactly the same feeling in delaying our marriage, although at that point of time, the decision for 2 medical students living in 2 different continent, to get married was a totally insane decision! And the decision of these 2 medical students to have a baby during their final year was even more insane. No. I am not a person who leave things to chances. Everything was planned although the plan to some, may appear very crumbly and indefinite ;P

I dont ask for anything except for trust and prayer. I never offer any promise except that I'll stand up again if I fall. And for that 2 things, abang has managed to stick to this woman for years.

Trust me, I want to move to Kedah

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