Milkman with fresh milk at my doorstep!

I woke up today with high hopes, but Allah knows best. Pregnancy is a bumpy ride, you just don’t know when you are going to hit the bump. And it turns out today is one of my bad day. The pregnancy symptom is a bit worse today and I’m on my back all day long.

I actually woke up at 3 am today. I don’t sleep through the night these days because of the gastritis. At most I need to fill up my stomache at 4 hourly interval. Sometimes 2 hourly or I’ll end up having a nasty vomiting. When I woke up, I was immediately reminded of a slot I heard in IKIM recently about Camel Milk. Susu Unta. A new enterprise that imports camel milk in 2 forms- fresh and premix. Switched on my laptop and searched hard, at 3am in the morning!

Last week I asked abang whether Rasulullah drank goat’s milk or camel’s milk. Abang said both. I want to minimize taking processed, flavoured and preserved food as much as possible during pregnancy and breastfeeding and throughout my whole life. I am done with Maggi. The writing 'monosodium gluatamate, colouring' glares at me and gave me nightmares T_T And I have promised myself that I will do whatever it takes to have a healthy baby weighing between 3-3.5kg at birth. Choosing a good milk is important in my knowledge and by maternal instinct haha

I drink ESP- Energizing Soy Protein. ESP is very good in my opinion as it gives me the energy that I need, rich in minerals and vitamins and it keep my skin health checked! But I also want to practice Sunnah. After much consideration (and I fail to find imported fresh camel milk) I resort to Goat Milk. I was very surprised to find that we can actually hire the service of a milkman! Right here in Malaysia. They deliver fresh goat milk right to our doorstep at an affordable cost!!! Oh yes, I was so excited that  after Subuh, I smsed this milkman asking whether he could deliver it today. He said yes, and I patiently waited ;P

He came at 3pm on a motorcycle. Ameer Faheem went to the gate, paid him and took the milk. Frozen. 12 bottles at RM68, 250ml. Coinicidentally his cousin safiyya was there. Safiyya tanya, “Apa ni?” Faheem answered, “Susu kambing untuk mommy and faheem” Eh??? Bila masa pula susu ni untuk faheem?? Hahaha. Tapi Faheem memang suka minum fresh milk pun, kalau beli susu lembu, sekejap je dah habis.

I put 1 bottle in the chiller and kept the rest in the freezer. The concept is similar to EBM. You have to thaw it first, and once thawed you cant put it back in the freezer. It has to be drank within 1-2 days, kept in the refrigerator. Rasa dia?? Extremely awesome Alhamdulillah J Rasa macam susu beli dalam kotak, tak berbau pun. And minum sejuk2 memang heavenly. Anything for my baby J Btw mommy terpaksa share dengan faheem huuuu.

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