Pregnancy is the happiest reason ever for feeling like crap!

Just in case you are wandering how does a mother inflicted with hyperemesis gravidarum (alahan mengandung) behaves....let me share the truth and nothing but the truth...

1. Sometimes they bath once every 2 days

2. AT MOST they brush their teeth once in a day, but the timing is not important. It doesnt have to be before bed or upon waking up in the morning. It can be during midday, evening or whenever she feels like it

3. Of course what they do best is vomiting. It can be mild effortless vomiting, it can be hard and strain all the abdominal and chest muscles, it can be sour and foamy- indicating gastric acid, or it can be greenish and bitter- bile, and most of the time the vomitus are flavoured! Mine was laksam, meatball, butterscotch, fruity taste and so much more.

4. They are also good at having abdominal distention, and *yucks* belch or pass flatus all the time.

5. They pat their tummy all the time, looking for that 'hollow' sound- angin

6. Frequent visit to the toilet indicating frequent urination (other than vomiting)

7. Backpain- My god, this feels like somebody has just hit my back with a wrench!

8. Smell- they dont smell nice nor do they look nice huuu

9. They 'crave' for certain food but usually they cant even look at it once the food is put in front of them

10. They shout and cry for no obvious reason

11. Suddenly they cant stand their husband or other family members, accusing them of offensive smell

12. They sleep longer than usual but most of the sleep are non-quality sleep. They wake up at short intervals

13. Acnes- as if the face is not enough, acnes also attack other areas such as neck and ear pinna!

14. Dont bother to ask them to do anything as the only thing they care about is their nausea, vomting and tummy discomfort

15. They whine about it all the time but sometimes they blog about it too.....

Well I can list down up to ...? 150 but I guess this should be enough for a birds eyeview ;P

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