Recipe for today ;D

haven't updated my cooking blog for quite sometime, but today i don't have the option to procrastinate again. it's not that i don't cook but taking and uploading the pics are a prob for me. i don't have a handphone with camera and bluetooth. it is a handphone which i bought in my first year MBBS huhu. We usu take pics using abang's phone camera.

Hari ni tergerak hati nak buat tortilla, mcm puan anis buat utk suami dia ^_^. early in the morning faheem and me went out to buy some groceries. balik je, terus buat chocolate cake and banana cake. and then buat ayam masak sambal. lately my appetite takes a different twist (i wonder why hmm). i eat seriously more than usual and i crave for weird thins. 2 nights ago i asked abang to buy me nasi + pedal ayam (ada warung yg jual, we ate at 12am huhu). then today they sell paru lembu goreng, teringin jugak, terus order haih. yg buat ayam sambal tu sbnrnya sbb teringin nak makan paru sambal, so buat sambal siap2.

lepastu barula nak try resipi puan anis. mula2 buat popcorn chicken (abang panggil kuih ayam. kalau udang celup tepung abang kata kuih udang huuu T_T nama tak glamour langsung). lepastu barula nak masak totilla sebenar. and then buat gravy for mashed potato mcm kat kfc. senang crite ni tgh tringin nak makan twister kfc ngee~

will upload the recipe and pics later in my cooking blog insyaAllah :D

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