New Hope

I read many blogs and websites on methods of teaching a small kid, subscribed to many newsletters eg brillkid, learnt various tricks to stimulate a child, bought many educational and story books to supplement the teaching and I could sum up that I did quite a lot of things to educate my baby.

After few months of teaching Ameer Faheem, I started to give-up because he couldn't speak thus I didn't know whether he understands any of them. Furthermore nenek said that maybe at this age they are not ready to read yet. I started to believe that (eventhough I tried hard to believe otherwise), until 1 day (few days back) I noticed (I might be wrong anyway, but hey I'm trying to cling on to the slightest hope available haha) that Faheem started associating the phonics sounds that I made with the ABC which I pasted on his wall.

I love to sing this song that goes A sounds like aaaa.... apple, B sounds like behh...bee, C sounds like, and D sounds like dddeh..DADDY! until z. I adapted the sound from smarthands (find in youtube). He usually likes it best when I say F sounds like ffffFFF...FAHEEM! And laugh as if that is the funniest thing in the world. Everytime I sing out the song, I point to the respective letters on his wall. Few days back when I started singing that song, he just watched and when I was about to mention the letter F (and point towards it), he started laughing out loud! I was too astonished that I laughed with him haha. It might be a coincidence anyway.

But I'm not going to lie, that if it was a coincidence, then it was a coincidence delicately planned by Allah to boost up my spirit again. Guess what did I do after that? I searched for the blog darwisy darwisya again (I read that blog a long time ago), this time around determined to seriously plan for Faheem's education. I have even laid out his daily routines (what to learn and when), I google for nutritious food ideas for him and I did some research for his school.

But for the time being, we are planning on sending him to a playgroup. But the schooling system in Jordan follows that of a university, which means they are finishing end of this month and start again in february. Guess Faheem has to wait until february insyaAllah. It's not really for educational purpose but rather for social purpose. i want him to learn how to make friends haha.

As for now, he still tries to eat his alif ba ta flashcards (by al-Furqan) which frustrates me daily, and he refuses to sit in front of the tv to watch his educational videos if i don't stay with him (even if i stay with him, he usually busies himself with something else such as trying to reach for the tv huu)


Farah said...

Takpe kak maryam jangan risau, baby memang nampak macam tak faham tapi sebenarnya dia faham.Your story made me think that, really as people said, nama itu doa.orang panggil dia faheem, faheem, dia faham sungguh.chaiyook faheem.
p/s:I envy you because your ameer faheem dah pandai jalan, Aqeef belum jalan lagi, and macam tak ada effort lagi nak jalan.sobsob.

Ummu Ameer said...

tq dearie. never u worry for a baby develops at his own pace!

Ummu Ameer said...

farah, akak da try light punishment utk dia tp mcm tak jalan la haihhh. dia makan buku lagi and segala sampah sarap yg available!