Calling it home

After almost half a year (or more if I add up my previous visits) in Jordan, I find that Jordan is not so bad as I've thought before. Adapting isn't always easy, but it comes naturally with time I guess.

I remember when I first came to Jordan, the first 2 weeks were the tourism week. When you visit a place for the first time, you get all excited. A tourist. Entering the third week, it is not as wonderful as before. I started whining for the differences between Jordan and Malaysia. Approaching 1 month, there was nothing I wouldn't give to be home. Experiencing winter for the first time (this year is actually my second as I was here during the previous winter), I just couldn't believe that such a cold place exists on this earth and furthermore inhabited by human!

I remember, the first thing that I whined about was cocoa powder. I wanted to bake a choc cake but it was so hard to find cocoa powder. And I said to abang, "Don't Jordanians bake choc cake??" Haha.Most of the time I whine about food ingredients which are not available here. Then the food. Sebenarnya abang tak biasa dengan benda2 pelik that I want. Specifically- what a woman want. There was one time when abang and me went to a tailor to ask about jahit tepi. Man, we all laughed when abang didn't know what to say to the tailor, throughout his 6 years in Jordan, he has never been to a tailor, so understandably his vocabulary of sewing thingy is nil.

Then I felt so weird why did Jordanians love brown. Anything brown. Brown/gold cushion, curtains, bedsheet etc. Everything. I said to abang, "Susah betul nak cari kain bercorak kat sini" Abang said, maybe they love brown because they live in a desert haha. So I brought my curtains, pillow cases, comforters, tablecloth, kitchen towel, apron (everything) all the way from malaysia haha. I love english rose pattern.

Because I am so bored at home, we go out every weekend- to balad (town). Abang used to go there once in a year but since I'm here, the frequency increases to weekly ;p Slowly I learn that Jordan is actually colourful ! And I actually think that once i go back to malaysia, I will miss a part of here. Especially balad! ;p We get quality things at cheap prices (what I love most are the soft toys for Ameer faheem and his clothes). I can find sweet potato in Jordan to make kuih keria. They do have delicious halawiyat! They have english rose curtains. There are times when i look at bedsheet and feel like, "ahhh, I just have to buy his one. it is so sweet!". And guess what I found yesterday????


And yeah, my sewing projects begin here ;p I plan to make cushion cover for Ameer faheem (yang suka sangat dengan bantal tu), and blouses for me~


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Kak mryam, im ure silnt reader. Read ur cooking blog. Resepi blueberry topping tu ad x.

Ummu Ameer said...

resipi kena tanya kilang hehe, sebab akak guna yg readymade, ada dalam gambar recipe cheesecake

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Owh. Kt mesia ad ke ready made gitu. Labelnya blueberry topping ke

Ummu Ameer said...

ade je jual dlm tin kat bhgn brgn kek. slalu kat hypermarket cm Giant or Carrefour