Aidil adha 2011


This year marks our (Ameer faheem and me) first aidiladha far away from home. I was a lil bit teary of course especially when abang started takbir on raya night but since it was only 2 weeks since I came back here, the eid was not so terrible after all Alhamdulillah :)

As we were in a festive mood, Abang decided to hold open houses (twice in fact). The first one which was on first day of raya, was allocated for the singles (especially abang's batch-mates :p). The second one on the third day of raya was for families. Initially abang decided to order the food priced at JD1.5 per head. Pondering upon that thought, I came up with another idea; which was I cook but in turn abang allows me to buy Faheem something expensive haha. A toy. Abang agreed. So on both occasion I cooked Nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, acar sayur, cakes (choc and banana), carbonara and macaroni. That were about all I could afford to do.. practically alone huu as i cooked for 100 people in total. Pheww that was really a work-out for me.

Ameer Faheem enjoyed the company so much of course, many kids to play with. And of course he loved playing with 'Umar! There was one time when he stood and hold on to Umar's hood and tried to chase after 'Umar, while flashing a cheeky smile all the time. But 'Umar walked too fast for him and he fell. Oh both of them look soo cute together! :DDD We also attended other open houses, it was such fun Alhamdulillah. An at one of the open houses, Kak Jiha actually made a soft cotton japanese cheesecake which was too good to be called delicious that I have decided to try baking it today! And Kak Aizah baked carrot cake which was also too good to be real and i'm gonna try baking it soon as i receive the recipe from her insyaAllah. Wish me luck :) Will probably send a report later haha.

Ameer Faheem will turn 10 months in 2 weeks time insyaAllah. We have lost track of his weight and height, thanks to the comprehensiveness of infant checkup in Jordan clinic :(. But he can now stand without support (and smiling ear to ear while doing it. oh he's so proud of it!), sometimes trying to take a step further but end in a fall hehe. I pray that he can walk soon insyaAllah.

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