It's freezing cold and I'm not ok with it..

I am writing this because i have nothing better to do. how sweet does that sound? it's really cold here, and i'm slowly and chronically losing my sanity to it. i don't know the temperature but what i do know we use the water heater all the time and I've had my fair share of burns because of the desperate need to be warm. scalding hot specifically. And numerous times mentioning to abang of a getaway to Malaysia haha. There are always thing to be fretted about when there are so many other things to be thankful of. I always feel like throwing the gas sobah (heater) into a sea (Aqabah perhaps) when I have two hirams (and of course abang too) to make me warm. Oh I can't stand the smell of the gas- it gives me watery eyes and headache. And then I despise entering toilet. I remember once Ummi told me of her experience when she was studying in UK. She said that mat saleh bathe once in a month. I do some math, and if winter spreads for 4 months, then they bathe for 4 times ONLY throughout that period. Surely I would like to do that too! But only this morning I smelled Ameer Faheem, and had to persuade abang to smell him too. Guess what? He smelled like a goat (I'm not kidding seriously). And Ameer Faheem bathe weekly. Oh monthly bath is a definite no-no.

Ameer Faheem and me have quite a severe cough and runny nose since a week ago. And if Ameer Faheem has runny nose, it is absolutely a mess. He doesn't know how to blow his nose, and he seriously objects to others wiping his nose as well. mengamuk2 taknak org lap hingus dia haisyy. And in case you are wondering why does mummy get it everytime Ameer Faheem has it, the answer is simple dimple (bak kata abang), he LOVES coughing at my face. It's not air-borne to be clear, he practically sprays all his infectious saliva to me huhuuu.

There was one morning when abang and me walked to yarmouk mosque to perform subh prayer. on our way, we came across a man who was sleeping on the cement floor of a row of shops. No hiram, no mattres, nothing. He was wearing a shirt and a pair of jeans. It was surely freezing cold. Only then I realized how lucky I am not to be homeless T_T But then I still snap at people when I can't stand the low temperature. And seriously I think I can freeze and die (in my sleep probably) T_T Naudzubillahiminzalik

We visited ijat this morning. her husband called me sometime before subuh, informing me of the contractions that she had. 3 in 10; 1 minute each. i said "what? Go to the hospital now!", knowing her history of a fast labour. Asked abang to get a taxi asap and as soon as they arrived there, she gave birth to a super cute 3.1kg baby girl, darling Ulya. Oh how I love watching her serene, lovely chubby face. Well of course not without inviting a question from abang, "Kita bila lagi ayang?". I've always wanted a girl, but uh perhaps pregnancy is not for me for the time being and in the immediate future. I've had enough an experience, to last for few years insyaAllah :)

Ameer Faheem loves clapping his hand nowadays. And he is also a copycat hehe. I like to kiss him and enhance the sound (uh you know the kissing sound), and now when I do it, he makes that sound back. It's funny :D 2 more teeth have erupted, totaling in 4 front teeth. I'm currently teaching him how to climb up the ladder of his slide hehe. Tapi sekarang asyik nak kena dukung je, suka nangis buat bunyi merajuk teruk. and sometimes in the middle of the night he doesn't want to be alone so I just put him in my lap, hug him tight, we look at each other doing nothing for hours huuu. Will probably upload few pics of that little darling in few days time :)

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