To the mosque we go, to the mosque we go it's friday today! :D it's friday people. and today we have the SEAD programme. An Eidul Adha celebration for malaysians in Irbid, oh I guess I'd probably be enjoying rendang after all (well that's the case if they cook rendang haha).

Yesterday, Ameer Faheem (and mummy hehe) managed to put his hands on a slide (gelongsor)- the toy which abang has promised to buy for him, in exchange with my cooking ngee~. A blue one, 3 steps. Huuu macam teruk plak isteri abang nih. Well the price is obviously cheaper than ordering food for 100 people so i'm taking it as a win-win situation, kan abang kan?? It's not that abang won't buy it for free (because really abang is one person who almost never say no to anything) but I just felt unfair to get something without doing anything.

Classes start in 2 days time and oh how much i hate that. But a student has got to strive hard. Our (Ameer Faheem and me) days will surely be lonely when abang is busy at class. And that signals I've got to put my headmistress hat on, planning things for Ameer Faheems education again. Btw, Ameer Faheem had his 2 weeks of school-free days :D


Ainul Arina Madhiah said...

Uish, tak terserempak plak dgn akak aritu. Lama tak nampak Faheem ^_^

Ummu Ameer said...

aah ramai sgt org akak pun xperasan ainul.. datangla rumah boleh faheem pengsankan hehe.