Salam awal muharram

Today I cook nasi lemak (not again??? huargggh), because a kitchen that smells like malaysia makes me feel heavenly in the Jordan winter. And today I make bawang goreng. You know the kind that you buy (and never make it yourself) in Malaysia. The kind that people say are cooked with plastic to make it crunchy..? No, I made it myself and they are just as crunchy, obviously I didn't fry any kind of plastic. I'm thinking of making some hot soto (and ohh eat it with the bawang goreng!), and in the same time planning to make mee bandung (I've blended some sweet potato, and put them in the fridge). Man, I just can't stop thinking about food in winter!!!! T_T

The only thing that I need right now is a weighing scale.

Hari ini awal muharram. Abang actually wished me "Salam Maal Hijrah"..... didn't expect it anyway. Abang kata kena lupa kesalahan lama, kena tambah kebaikan dan kasih sayang. Huhhh kena tambah jugakla baca Quran dan jangan asyik berFB and blogging je ok :)

I really have a long way to go.......


Farah said...

I heard you blended me as an ingredient in your delicious wintery food.I'm long to taste your food.I bet you must be a good cook :)Have a nice winter with super cute adorable
Ameer Faheem.Hope he is doing well in helping mummy at kitchen.
Salam maal hijrah Ummuameer.
p/s:I am NOT an actual sweet potato :)

Ummu Ameer said...

Hee bet i'll taste mummy aqeef in my mee bandung ngee~ come to jordan and be our guest!! p/s teringin sgt3 nak g london and duduk rumah aqeef heh heh ;p