On 11th November..

I have few hours left before 12am, for me to increase my ortho knowledge to 6% (which I am sure is a peri-impossible stuff) because at times I am sure I'm best at doing nothing.. with the almost 3 hours seminar that has just finished (oh myyyy), I am at least feeling relieved with the owl that Hazwani has just sent- bringing along with it a very happy news indeed! which is NO PATIENT ADMITTED, and which signifies that I don't need to go to the ward tonight to cover any patient heheee.. and which FURTHER SIGNIFIES.. i have more time to do nothing ~uhuh (while trying to forget the 6% target..). I managed to do a CP in the OT today.. (berkata sambil tersengih-sengih kerana CP itu teruk, tp takpela, sebab my 1st ortho CP), well that was the thing that I had mentioned before

Staring at Athiq's YM & Skype status is indeed depressing (though I know he's busy in the hospital huhuuu, but sometimes I do hope for some miracle to happen such as he is online), which explains my arrival here in this blog just to let the time dashes before me even knowing. Well I do wonder how do the housemans manage their lives though.. Truth is I'm a bit upset over something today, but Allah always knows BEST isn't it? He won't test a person unless he/she is capable of being tested. And worldly life is not that of a single-chance.. unlike in the akhirah.. when one regrets their previous lives and very badly want to return to this world just to perform ibadah, but of course it'll be impossible... naudzubillah, may His Jannah will be our eternal place..

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