Now I'm discussing the weather

The extremely cold weather has cruelly taking its toll on me.. I'm succumbing to akinesia with hypofunctioning of the cerebrum and become bed-ridden, now I've started to worry for the appearance of bed sores.. How glad I am that this mahallah cubicle is very small thus eliminating any possibility of having to move around to do things- everything is practically within reach~ from the bed!! Hahaha. You step out of the bed only to find yourself standing on the sejadah. Extremely practical indeed! :D Abang said I'm lazy. I say, Abang, you are SOO TRUEEE!!! Currently I'm trying to work out on how can I read the big Miller textbook while lying supine huuu, sure it'll compress my abdominal organs. Haisyy

I shouldn't feel so at ease (Really I am not) when I haven't even finished the case writeup- have been procrastinating since last weekend and now I'm regretting huu. Moving out is also an issue on this rainy day, whoaa.. I'm addressing the most basic issue- laziness. My patient is another issue; failed to check out on her yesterday (was not in driving mood due to the chronic rain), definitley I've no other options today- ya ya hosp here I come.

Hasan Basri Rahimahullah said
"I've never seen a certainty closer to being doubted than people versus death (They are certain it will strike them, yet, they ignore its imminence). I've never seen truth that is closer to falsehood than that demonstrated by their statement, 'We seek paradise', yet, they ignore seeking their path"

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