A new disease

"Awak, nanti kalau awak dah kawen mesti dah takde masa untuk kita. Mesti awak dah tak rapat dengan kita lagi..Nanti awak dah taknak kawan dengan kita sebab selalu sibuk dengan husband je" I am reminded of this usually-true statement from a very very very dear friend, which made me feel sad when she said it...

Is it true? I used to think it's true, and I still think it is true.. based on my experience with married friends.. I don't think they intentionally do that, it's just that to be a wife means to embark on a commitment-loaded journey... and require schedule adjustment according to priority.. perhaps

But I am so determined to change that (of course when I be someone's wife, 1 day insyaAllah....), although I don't (yet) have the slightest confident I am capable of doing it.. 

Because I am afraid I am showing the first vague symptom- blog-update lag huu. I don't write as much as before. But personally I like to read my buddies' blogs on their life experiences, significant achievements, personal perceptions and how they cope being a 'human' and such. truthfully I don't really read blogs containing heavy stuff. Because whenever I want to read on ilmiah stuff, i prefer to read books which explain everything in detail. Oh btw, I despise magazine as well huu.

I learn a lot from others' experiences about 'life' and i try to share my own experience no matter how insignificant it may be, hoping it would be useful though in the least helpful manner. Well you know (this is strictly not for Martians, it's for the Venusians ONLY!!) it is the "I feel sad and when I know you feel sad as well, it makes me feel relieve because i know i'm not alone" thingies hehe.

So back to 'emotional' and 'novel' blogs, through my blog, I find a channel to reach out and connect (to Venusians of course) And when I don't update this, it feels like I am kind of abandoning those who always listen, and always appreciate, always read, always acknowledge my  insignificant existence in this temporary world.

So back to the blog-update lag.. I kinda.... feel guilty because I think I am succumbing to the "Once you get married you are not my friend anymore" disease.. Astaghfirullah, I have promised myself that I will try my best to inject myself with the best vaccine so that I won't get that disease!! 

I think I am not going to update on the Indonesia trips (hopefully the many pictures would make myself remember the nice trip forever :D ) 

Whatever it is, remind me to be perfectly normal whatever happens after this. I think I am straying again.. hmmm..................................

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