A nostalgic walk

A visit to a long-left (and long-forgotten??) place Matriculation Centre of International Islamic University Malaysia (MCIIUM) yesterday morning It is still MCIIUM to me despite being CenFOS to everybody else :D It has been 3 years since the last time I walked thorugh the much despised main gate (merely because of the strict guards huu). And I am dead sure almost everybody had the experience of 'flying' u know escaping from the 'jail' compound huu. Especially on Tuesday (if I remember it right) when we were allowed to go for an outing 5pm-8pm for the sole reason of paying a visit to the Pasar Malam hehe. As for me, I usually came back from the weekend holiday during that particular period, on Tuesday huu to avoid handing in the outing card. And yup I have experienced receiving a generous amount of fine from Pak Guard due to the same unhealthy activity (Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, kadang2 jatuh juga. Maybe the tupai has some kind of cerebellar disease which prevents it from estimating perfectly the distance from 1 tree to another tree)

So, back to nostalgic yesterday, It was indeed nostalgic. And i kind of felt happy to be there again. Nothing changed much. KC (Khadijah College) is now painted in brown, kind of nice but i cruelly said to Ummi "Mesti luar je cantik, dlm buruk jugak" hehe. never mind that. Apart than that everything was I think exactly the same as before. Went to SMAWP (I couldn't believe that i still remember the name!), Cenntral Spine, Cafe Jambatan, but my lame Alzheimer brain just couldn't recall th location of Celpad and the Departments! I remember the place but I couldn't tell where is English dept located, or the Sciences etc. I couldn't even recall where did I meet the lecturers before (I mean I used to go to their rooms, put the tutorials outside their room doors... how lame :( )

Itulah matrik IIUM :) I was a student there once upon a time, 

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