Scary doctros

I never new before that transformable doctor existed but it was proven- Dr Isra' who could change into a crocodile and his wife Dr~ (I can't remember the name) who could change into a snake! We were running like mad, not much different from the Jurassic Park scenes when they had to run for their lives to avoid being eaten by the dinosaurs..we did pretty much the same with regards to Dr Isra' and wife huu~ I saw them transform before my very 2 eyes!! And suddenly I was in the hospital (HTAA). I was being examined by Dr Azarisman on a patient with both renal failure and heart failure except that she had no anasarca. I felt very sleepy during the examination that i actually slept and didn't manage to finish clerking and do the physical examination on her.Everything was very weird!!!.. except when I woke up at 5am, to realize everything was just a dream huu. It made sense then ~sigh~ with today being the last day of my holiday, and Obstetric & Gynaecology Posting starts tomorrow ~sighhhhh~ And yet I still don't know the result of my IM examination. But in my own evaluation and standard, I definitely had a clear fail!.. huu

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