1st note on trip to Indonesia

I have just got back from Indon after a 5-day holiday, ALHAMDULILLAH. We were already missing home like mad since the first day haha. Guess I didn't manage to laze around much at home after the final exam (or rather brooding at home :p), that explains it.

So just a little memoir on what we have experienced in Indonesia. As for the start, our flight was delayed for 1 hour on Friday, we were supposed to take off at 8.50pm, but ended departing at 9.50pm. Typical of Air Asia (up-rolling my eyeballs huhu). But no harm, I was expecting myself to be happy every second, it was a holiday after all! I've got loads of time in my pocket (said while i grin broadly exhibitng my imperfect row of teeth :p), except that with every second wasted, I am counting down the number of days left for my holiday!! Gosh 

Anyway, we arrived late, and on our way to the hotel, i saw people sleeping along the road, at the road divider, under flyovers.. sedih dan terkejut... Alhamdulillah Allah memberikan rezqi kepada kami untuk tidak merempat sebegitu, moga kami sentiasa mnejadi orang yang bersyukur..

Yasir, Asma and me shared 1 room and ummi & abah shared another room. felt quite weird becuase the usual designation would be abah and ummi share 1 room, us trio share 1 room, the 2 monsters share 1 room. since umar takde, yasir had to share with us. never mind.

Early the next morning, we went to Taman Mini Indonesia. This parki is kind of a cultural park, where all sorts of cultural (especially the houses/ buildings/ traditional wear) thingies of each part of Indonesia are exhibited/ built in this huge park. We had an exhaustive journey touring the park pheww on feet!! took us half a day, and we only went back after Jum'ah prayer. The thing is, I'm not really into the cultural matters. So instead of enjoying taking pictures with the houses etc, we enjoyed making silly poses with thelife-size  stone animals and people decorating the ground!! what a waste. being around asma' and yasir (the photographer) who also came up with a bucketful of stupid ideas didn't improve the situation much~ 

After that we went to perform our prayer at Masjid Istiqlal- a very big masjid and we ended getting lost in it haha while searching for toilet.. only to discover that the pria and wanita (men & ladies) have to share toilet!!! scary huu

Next we were very eager to go shopping at Tanah Abang. The place labelled as 'ibu ibu girang, bapa bapa suram' haha but it was quite late, (to our surprise the shops close at 5pm!) and almost all the shops had closed by the time we arrived. So it was dead frustrating especially for asma and me! You know we went to indon with almost-empty baggages, with the intention of having a shopping frenzy in indon. the best thing was, we didn't even bring clothes for 3rd, 4th and 5th day haha as we planned to buy clothes and wear them straightaway just to save some space in the bags for more shopping products! Just imagine the frustration when Tanah Abang had closed -sigh-

Tanah abang is quite similar to Pasar Payang, or Pasar Siti Khadijah with the dark and congested alleys selling mostly clothings. Except that it has 2 buildings, and each building stood tall at 10 levels, with the two buildings connected with a skybridge or something like that. So if you think shopping in Kelantan or Terengganu is kind of like heaven compared to other places in Malaysia, then you'll definitely need an asylum after you shop in Tanah Abang. Plus the extra cheap prices!!! Oh my ~~ Bought a maroon-pink Jubah, maroon-pink blouse and few other items.

We had NasiPadang for dinner. then went back to have a good night sleep, ready for the next day's activity..

Continue later k..

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