A 'sinful' month

I guess the past 1 month was a very 'sinful' period for me. I couldn't stop shopping. (Paid religious visit to kedai kain and tailor entah brp kali ntah). Went out dating with Mimi yesterday and today, because I was in such a fragile mood. And today we wasted our money on handbags because Parkson is having a sale. I really want to take my mind off these depress thingies -Masya Allah!! Shopping and women are synonyms?? Only when I am depressed huu..Hmm... but I don't like jewelleries, that at least make me a bit different.

One of the things that i like most- to be alone or talk to Ummi
One of the things that Ummi likes to advise me when i feel sad- go to bed early today (gee she always say i don't get enough sleep)
Another of her advise- get a square meal (she also likes to claim that I am stressed because i don't eat healthy foods)
Sometimes she asks me to go for an outing and relax
But one of the BEST advise she always give is pray to Allah, buat solat hajat everyday, Ummi pun solat and doakan sekali... how very calming 
to hear that
Thank You Allah for giving me a perfect Ummi!

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