Ouch someone bited my back!

Yesterday I got a news which was not easy on my ear drums- ghibah or back biting. Ouchh somebody back-bited me, how I hope it was non infectious, or else I won't forgive the one who transmitted the pathogen (which happens to be a super antigen to a friend but alhamdulillah not to me) into my blood.. because you see it is human nature- when someone starts talking something not nice about something else, then somebody else will try to support and share whatever similar experience they have, just to make the whole afffair soounds so extravaganza and all hmmm.. and I have the tendency to do the same- I am a human being!

And when someone back bites a person, he/she will have the tendency to bark back, and show off their fangs.. definitely not me or we will end up in an ugly inhumane fight. Come to think of it, sape yg suka ghibah ni sebenarnya? I don't mean to point my finger to anybody, but it is always those who have nothing better to do like makcik2 kampung (but ada makcik kg yg x begitu, and ada juga pekerja2 ofis yg begitu huu). And i just don't bother to entertain. BUT OF COURSE the first thing that I should do is to look back at myself, and assess whether they talk about true things. If it is true, then say ASTAGHFIRULLAH and IMPROVE. If it is not true, say LA HAWLAWALA QUWATA ILLA BILLAHIL ALIYIL AZIM and IGNORE. If it is true, then the opposite party is sinful for ghibah. If it is untrue then they are sinful for fitnah.

But I have my own life, I have my own believe, I have my own principles, and I feel happy feeling the purposes of my life and all the way acknowledging that Allah will always be with me.. He is the most Gracious, most MERCIFUL.. ALHAMDULILLAH =)

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Anonymous said...

fikirkan.kenapakan pada diri mu berlaku ghibah, mungkin ujian dari Allah bagi menguji ketakwaan hambanya. atau mungkin peringatan dari Allah bagi diri kita supaya muhasabah samada kita pernah ghibah terhadap orang lain.@ memandang rendah pada orang2 lain.fikir2kan supaya kita semua dapat membaiki diri kita. insya-Allah semoga kita semua mendapat hidayah dari Allah