Her existence was significant

I am not trying to reform this blog into a death book where i write down all the death that took place in the wards.. but sadly another 2 patients died yesterday. A fresh reminder for me, that any time I will breathe out my last breath.. and become a tiny part of history. Innalillahi wainnailaihi raji'un

One of them was the one I mentioned before, and another one was a mak cik who suffered from end stage breast cancer, with skin, lung and probably liver mets. Her death was also expected, i waited at the ward till 12.30pm, but she passed out at 1.30pm.. Her death marked the end of her long sorrowful live, being dumped by the husband when whe was given her 'death sentence' diagnosis of breast carcinoma few years previously, and which made me think how will my life ends? How can there be a man so cruel, leaving his wife behind when she is no longer attractive, no longer capable of serving him, when she was the one who sacrificed herself for him before??? Na'udzubillahi min dzaalik. I pray that I won't be as cruel as that..

To talk on the sacrifices of a mum-cum-wife, I just can't find the right words to potray how great the sacrifices are. Especially when she sacrifices her own dream for the sake of taking care of her family, when she agrees to get pregnant and breastfeed her babies thus losing her beauty in doing that (you know the unshapely abdomen, striated skin, sagging breasts), when she lends her ears to the grumblings of her loved ones, when she eat the leftover 
foods to avoid wasting and become obese... ahh i just can't imagine doing all that

At last mak cik returned to her Creator, may Allah bless her. To see the tears that flow from the eyes of her sons, I feel at ease to know that her absence meant something and her existence  was significant. And i stood not far from her bed, listening to the yasin 
being recited, indeed we belong to Him and to Him we will return........


ibrahim said...

To Him is the Fina Return.

For the man who dumped the sickly wife, he will have his day and it shall be painful.

A.G.M.G said...

how interesting if we could hear the story from the husband's side... husband is a human, also the mak cik is a human... however, not up to us to judge the situation merely by the stories.. Maybe there is Wisdom behind every hardship.. sometimes, it is interesting to observe how human destiny takes place.. God is Great...