A fairy tale.. live happily ever after :D

Postcall for the umpteenth time in medical..

Sampai rumah je, faheem ajak g kedai sebab nak beli balloon. what?? adakah muka mommy macam org yg suka g kedai beli balloon??

Shopping guna kad abang. Lagi seronok :) faheem dapat ice-cream and Tejen (Vitagen) hehe. And of course a packet of balloons. Beli baju baru for myself, eh, for abang. utk abang pula? tentulah, because a wife dresses up for her husband ^_^ it's fair sebab i have just bought him 3 new shirts last week (walaupun guna duit abang jugak :p)

Ummi has just arrived from Korea last night.. and i was super excited to go back home. Lama tak lepak kat rumah Ummi (seminggu je pun hehe). Sampai je rumah ummi, i got a new handbag, a souvenir from Korea :D senyum sampai telinga. big, off-white, ummi abah definitely know my taste. faheem got 2 cute pajamas. thank you atuk. thank you nenek.

meghadap fb, such a rare ritual nowadays.. read all the status of new mommies. senyum sampai telinga lagi. somehow it tastes of life. Probably something that i have been missing all these while. babies. they are so cute, they remind me of my mummy-hood when faheem was a baby :))

Belek-belek gardening book. Hmm rasa macam nak pergi tanam pokok. Capai handphone, sms abang. Abang jom gardening!! I guess abang is so used to receiving weird sms during odd hours huu.

Oh was suddnely reminded, it's friday today. Al-Kahfi ye kawan2 :)

And tomorrow my fairy tale life vanishes into the hectic working life managing a 'cursed' male medical ward. Haihh. Counting the days to reach the finish line..

psst.. i called admin office this morning, requesting for Anest as my final posting.. may Allah ease..

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