What I want

I dont even know how to start... when everything seems so wrong..
I hate the negative ambience, but somehow it is not within my power to decide the hue of atmosphere..
If there is 1 thing i really want right now, that is to leave everything behind and travel into a world of serenity.. I want to smell the sea, and listen to the waves..
I want to lie in bed all day long without being interrupted.
I want my day to stretch forever without me waiting hopelessly for the other half to come back.
I want to feel free, however 'free' is being defined..
I want my emotion to be blunt such that similar to a schizophrenic..
I just want a shoulder of a friend, for me to cry on..
And ears that can listen without being biased
A someone who can without effort, vibrate the frequency of sorrow, and eventually understand..
I need someone who can really understand..

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